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Virtual Assistant - save your time and money

Do only what is really worth it.

Don’t waste your time on routine work which somebody else can do. Move on with your business, assign the work that slows you down to your Virtual Assistant. It will take only a few minutes to save hours you could use more effectively.

Pay only for the work done.

You pay for your Virtual Assistant only when he/she really works for you. We keep accurate evidence (records) of your expences and you can always see how much the assigned task costs. You can count easily how does your personal assistant pay off.

Only from 1800CZK / 10 tasks


  • Document processing
  • Meetings planning
  • Communication
  • Travel planning


  • Social networking
  • Website developing
  • Website management
  • Internet research


  • Diagnosis explanation
  • Vast scale of medical consultations
  • Healthcace logistics
  • Second opinion
  • Help with hospital admission
  • Medical law consultation
  • General medical information


  • Quick feet
  • Restaurant reservation
  • Ticket reservation
  • Accomodation reservation
  • Party arrangement


First Virtual assistance in the Czech Republic

Long hours spent on processing purchase orders, troublesome meeting scheduling or neverending search for the best hotel for the weekend course you’d like to hold... We know very well how many time consuming, repetitive tasks you have to deal with every day. Uselessly.

Inspired by the well-established West European and American firms, we are the first to offer the Virtual Assistant service in our country. We help the enterpreneurs get rid of the unproductive routine work and give a personal assistant to businesspeople who wish to save unnecessary expenses for a full time employee. Why does it work so well?

  • Virtual Assistant works only when you ask for it. You pay only when he/she really fulfills the assigned task. And its cost is lower than the cost of your own work would be.
  • A good virtual assistant relieves you of troubling thoughts and helps you to concentrate on work you‘d like to put your time into.
  • With the Virtual Assistant you will enjoy your work again – the time spent earlier on tedious, repetitive tasks can be now dedicated to your family or to the abandoned hobbies!

Our virtual assistants work for you daily from 9 to 18 o’clock. See more of what we can do for you.

Content clients

I‘d like to appraise and recommend this new, useful service. I find a new task for the virtual assistant every day and I’m surprised by the promptness, quality and low price of the service. VA helps me with translations, customs processing, grants apllications, new business contacts searching and thus spares lots of my time. Best wishes and many thanks to the exceptional service!
I’d like to point out the Virtual Assistant and give thanks to this company for its quality work. I’ve already tried out two similar foreign services and my experience was not good at all. First time none of my assignments was fulfilled in a usable way, even when I chose one from their list - a task they should have been specialized for. In the second case my experience was bemer but the new Czech service is still number one for me. I was surprised how quickly and well the assistants helped me and I also appreciated their kind and friendly antude.
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Only from 1800CZK / 10 tasks